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Really Nice Pits

Really Nice Pits

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Aluminium Free Natural Deodorant

Tea Tree + Rosewood

2.5 fl. oz / 75 ml

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Put your hands up in the air and wave ‘em around like you just don’t care.

With none of the pore-clogging aluminium that's bad for your underarms, this hardworking deodorant will keep you smelling oh-so-fresh throughout the day. Much like your overwhelming desire to knock back a vino after a tough day at work, the contents of this bottle are totally natural, just check out the ingredients list below.


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What's the low down

Aluminium Free

None of the pore-clogging aluminium that screws up your armpits

Suitable For All Armpits

Hardworking and effective formula that doesn't irritate


Extremely gentle but effective  

What's Inside

Tea Tree Oil 

The ultimate antibacterial and anti-microbial ingredient to help combat underarm odour 


Vitamin E

Moisurizes and protects one of the least appreciated areas of your body